Sniffer (or “The Deadly Dozen featuring Sniffer”) is a lesser-known backup feature of the Golden Age, created by Charles Biro for the Lev Gleason comics line, although Carl Hubbell is responsible for most of Sniffer’s appearances.

The strip was something of an orphan, appearing as it did in Daredevil Comics, Boy Comics and - in this strip - Captain Battle Jr., and Sniffer was a character who underwent a metamorphosis from bloodthirsty killer to ham-handed humor character.

A tough but not-too-bright career criminal, Sniffer stands out from his lawless buddies by dint of his exceptional sense of smell - Hey, everybody’s got to have a gimmick. Every month, he’d hang out with different members of The Deadly Dozen, the twelve most-wanted criminals in America (who, at one point, take a turn enlisted in the US Army using their criminal skills to overturn the Axis), counting among their number such sobriquets as Satan, Crusher, Iron Jaw, Spider, Giant Killer and so on.

I like Sniffer, it’s classic comic humor in the vein of Jack Cole’s early Plastic Man strips, and I’d love to see a collection. 

(Please note: This story contains offensive racial caricature unfortunately typical of 1940s comics)

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