Your departures are noticeable.

“I guess this is more perceived than actual, but reading this makes me feel like you, Joel, want someone to tell you that your departures are noticeable. It’s not an uncommon wish, which, when expressed honestly enough, can actually grant itself, because people like to be told how others are feeling more than they like being told how to feel. It’s a subtle difference with obvious results.”

That’s Dan Harmon getting to the core of a lengthy and - to put it lightly - somewhat unfocused critique of his worth as a showrunner on Community.

Television shares with comics its apparent disdain of the auteur - no one kicks much when film, music and stage produce their deathless talents, but TV seems off limits - well, unless it’s Joss Whedon, the internet in general and the AV Club in particular can’t get enough Joss Whedon.

But then, when Whedon was screwed by the system he just shrugged it off, guessing - correctly - that bigger paydays awaited the quiet wheel. Harmon - like Alan Moore as-a-comics-centric-for-instance - had the bad taste to go down reminding the consumer that there’s a human and intellectual cost in these boardroom battles, and some people who once described themselves of fans of his work just can’t forgive that …

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